20 april 2009

Save amendment 138 - final day to influence our politicians to do the right thing.

I will direct you to one Swedish website, two wikipedia, 2 facebook-groups where you will find more information about the saving of the internet as we know it and finally the Arstechnica blogpost on the Norwegian policy of Net Neutrality.


Vad händer?

  • Det europeiska öppna nätet är akut hotat!
  • Telekompaketet är ett monster till lagförslag som bland annat reglerar internet.
  • 138:an är ett bra tillägg som skyddar fundamental nätfrihet.
  • Antas inte 138:an blir det fritt fram för särintressen att nedmontera internet till ett kabeltv-nät. Mer info på engelska.
  • På tisdag sker omröstningen som kan få in 138:an

Vad bör göras?

  • Vi måste sätta tryck på våra svenska ledamöter och få dem att anta 138:an.
  • Det gör vi genom att maila eller MYCKET HELLRE ringa (det är inte så farligt).
  • De och vi måste också få alla andra ledmöter i ITRE att gilla 138:an. Kan du ett annat europeiskt språk, ring dem också!
  • Var personlig, saklig och kreativ. Maila en youtube-video eller något annat kreativt.




Save EU Amendment 138, stop extra-legal punishments and stop Three Strikes!

The EU is about to remove an important amendment that protects the rights of Internet users against punishments levied "without a prior ruling by the judicial authorities". We need to stop this!


Blackout Europe: Telecoms Package dangers to open EU internet

Proposals before the EU parliament to limit access to the internet across Europe are to be voted on very soon.

If passed, the new law will permit your broadband provider to impose "conditions limiting access to and/or use of services and applications". Downloading via P2P will almost certainly be forbidden, and blacklists and whitelists are on the hidden agenda, but the proposals also covers copyright enforcement (3-strikes) and risk permitting sinister forms of filtering the networks. They threaten fundamental freedoms for everyone who uses the Internet and anyone who has a website.

These proposals, wrapped up in a series of European Directives which form the 'Telecoms Package', are contrary to our fundamental rights as laid down in articles 7, 8,11 and 16 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

We call on Members of the European Parliament who will vote on the Telecoms Package, and we additionally call on the Council of Ministers who have joint legislative responsibility for it:

We demand:
the removal of all references to limitations, restrictions, or conditions of use or access to networks, content, applications and services.

that all measures related to copyright enforcement, 3-strikes and content filtering are rejected.

that measures related to traffic data shall protect our right to surf the web in privacy.

that the telecoms market is regulated for the citizen's interests, and especially:

**a guarantee of open access to all content, services and applications.

** safeguards for users against disproportionate sanctions for downloading and content filtering are reinstated.

Please stop the hijackng of the Internet by big business.


"Nettnøytralitet" is coming to Norway. Several ISPs, the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, the Nowegian Cable TV Association, and consumer groups have all signed on today to a new document (PDF) outlining network neutrality principles. Internet users are entitled to a connection with "predefined capacity and quality," and they can access content without discrimination based on the sending or receiving address."

(more in swedish here)

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